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Starry Knight Designs

Piper Finn - Soft Soled High Top Oxfords in Oakley - Multiple Sizes

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We are so excited to debut our premium waxed leather high tops, designed to be the signature piece of any child’s fall wardrobe. Crafted with premium waxed leather and 100% cotton laces, these timeless boots are designed to last. 

The High-Top Oxford collection names were inspired by woman of history who made an impact and changed the world for the better. This collection is timeless, whimsical, and one of our favorites to date!

The Oakley Oxford is a beautiful light brown premium waxed leather.

High Top Oxford Features:
Premium Waxed Leather
100% cotton laces
Easy pull back tab
Cushioned insoles

Piper Finn Oxfords fit true to size, just measure your baby’s foot and compare it to the sizing chart.

All Piper Finn footwear is 100% genuine leather and will stretch up to a half size when worn regularly. 

Please note, these are EXACT measurements from heel to toe. Be sure to add an extra 1/4 inch for baby sizes and an extra 1/2 inch for toddler sizes to determine the perfect size with some wiggle room!

1 0-3 months up to 4 in.
2 3-6 months

up to 4.25 in.
3 6-9 months

up to 4.5 in.
4 9-12 months

up to 4.75 in.
5 12-18 months

up to 5.25 in.
6 18-24 months

up to 5.75 in.
7 2-2.5 years

up to 6.25 in.
8 2.5-3 years

up to 6.5 in.
9 4 years

up to 6.75 in.
10 5 years

up to 7.25 in.
11 6 years

up to 7.5 in.
12 7 years

up to 8 in.
13 8 years

up to 8.25 in.