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Grow With Me Hoodie - Seahorses - 9-12Y

Grow With Me Hoodie - Seahorses - 9-12Y

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Please be sure to double check the sizing chart.

1) With the Grow With Me sizing you adjust the cuffs, in and out, to accommodate those growing limbs that kids are known for!  You can tuck the waistband under as well, if you'd like until their torso grows, or just leave it for a slightly longer version.

2) Grow Me With is good for the environment (less clothing needed, thus fewer clothes thrown away) and for your budget.  I mean, why buy a new shirt every year, when one will work for multiple years and sizes!

3) Arms grow but torso didn't so everything is either a little too big or a little too small!  Grow With Me solves that, as you can adjust where it is needed!

4) Plus they are just so cute! 

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